Good Shephard Hospital, Eswatini
Good Shepherd Hospital is a 201-bed rural hospital run by the Catholic Diocese in partnership with the Eswatini Government. We are the sole hospital responsible for providing health care to around 210,000 people, predominantly from the rural community in the Lubombo Region.
We are at the forefront of operational research and development in Eswatini, working closely with the Ministry of Health to deliver HIV and TB services within the country, and contributing to the Lubombo Health Research Unit. Through this programme of research, we have been pivotal in the country’s decentralisation of HIV and TB services.
In addition, service improvement such as routine screening for TB in HIV populations, isoniazid prophylaxis therapy for at-risk groups, and the use of community peer educators (or Basiti) have been introduced nationally from research conducted at GSH.
Our most recent research focuses on piloting a new model for diagnosing and treating depression in those living with HIV/AIDS in Lubombo.
Our completed COMDIS-HSD projects are:

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