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Capacity building of our partners

Within COMDIS-HSD, we aim to develop our partners’ capacity to get research into practice. We do this by improving the ability of individuals, partner organisations and systems to conduct and share high-quality research effectively and efficiently. We consider 3 levels to be significant in improving the capacity of our partners:

  1. Individual: to develop researchers and teams within the Consortium to design and undertake research, write up and publish research findings, engage in context specific uptake and dissemination techniques, as well as influence policy.
  2. Organisational: to develop the capacity of our partners to fund, manage and sustain research activities, as well as invest in research uptake.
  3. Institutional: to engage with our collaborating institutions, including policymakers, to strengthen their capacity for incorporating evidence-based research into national policy and practice.

Our capacity building workshops, delivered by experts in their field, have focused on:

  • successfully designing and managing Randomised Control Trials and qualitative research studies
  • writing peer reviewed articles
  • writing lay summaries and briefings and case studies using plain English techniques
  • developing research uptake strategies, stakeholder mapping, communication plans and crafting digital stories