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    COMDIS-HSD to deliver range of sessions at Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

    Researchers from the COMDIS-HSD team will be delivering a number of sessions at this year’s Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Liverpool. Topics will cover themes including urban health, antibiotic resistance and gender. Full details can be seen below.
    A variety of print materials, such as research and policy briefs, will be made available at the Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development stand (booth 25) in Hall 2. You can reach out to us at the conference on Twitter, where we will be providing live coverage of our talks. We hope to see you there.
    How to translate your research evidence into a lay summary
    This hands-on session will show participants how to write about research evidence using plain English principles. Participants should attend with 1 document (journal article, technical brief, report) that could be developed into a rough draft of a lay summary.
    Nilam Ashra-McGrath, Research Communications and Uptake Manager, COMDIS-HSD, University of Leeds
    Monday 8th October 08:30am – 12:00pm, Exhibition Centre Room 23
    Meeting SDG 11: stimulating multisectoral responses to create an urban health system able to improve health and social outcomes for and with the urban poor
    SDG 11 requires action from all sectors to improve the wider determinants driving ill health among the urban poor. Through a combination of videos and world café discussions of projects showing multisectoral action at community, health facility and municipality levels, we will identify strategies for multisectoral action to reduce urban inequities.
    Helen Elsey, Associate Professor in Public Health, Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development; Chandani Kharel, Research Fellow, HERD International
    Wednesday 10th October 11:00am – 12:30pm, ACC Hall 2L
    Amplifying marginalised voices: towards meaningful inclusion in social accountability mechanisms for health
    Accountability encourages local community actors’ involvement in the design, delivery and monitoring of health services. Using research from Uganda, Bangladesh and Nepal, this session applies an intersectional lens to accountability mechanisms, asking about the inclusion of specific, marginalised categories within communities in mainstream accountability initiatives.
    Sushil Baral, Managing Director, HERD International; Chandani Kharel, Research Fellow, HERD International
    Friday 12th October 11:00am – 12:30 pm, ACC Hall 2L
    Discussion on gender and intersectionality with policy makers
    Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, with contributions from RinGs researchers:
    Helen Elsey, University of Leeds, UK; Sarah Ssali, Makerere University, Uganda; Sassy Molyneux, Kemri-Wellcome Trust, Kenya
    Friday 12th October 11:00am – 12:30pm, Venue TBC
    Sustained reductions in inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics to children in rural Chinese primary care facilities: 18-month follow-up of a cluster randomised controlled trial
    Antimicrobial resistance is at its heart a health system issue: addressing it requires a clear understanding of the complex set of factors influencing medicine prescription and use. The presentations in this session seek to understand the multiple influences on prescriber and patient behaviour, and the effectiveness of interventions to improve medicines use.
    Joe Hicks, Lecturer in Medical Statistics, Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development, University of Leeds
    Friday 12th October 02:00pm – 03:30pm, ACC room 11B