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    HEART interviews Prof John Walley about improving health service delivery using the COMDIS-HSD approach

    Prof John Walley, Co-Director of COMDIS-HSD

    Prof John Walley, Co-Director of COMDIS-HSD

    The Health and Education Advice and Resource Team (HEART) interviewed Prof John Walley for its HEART Talks series.
    In this video John explains the COMDIS-HSD approach to improving health service delivery for chronic diseases focusing on primary care. The video illustrates the approach and explains the development and evaluation of a package of materials for cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes case management and prevention.
    HEART is a consortium of leading organisations in international development, health, nutrition and education. It works to support the use of evidence and expert advice in policymaking, by helping time-pressured decision-makers better understand, interpret and apply health, nutrition and education evidence.