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    Dr Kirstie Graham talks to The Guardian about ICCM

    Dr Kirstie Graham, Malaria Consortium

    Dr Kirstie Graham, Malaria Consortium

    In the second of a series of 3 articles, Dr Kirstie Graham of Malaria Consortium takes part in a short Q&A on the malaria and infectious diseases hub of The Guardian website. The COMDIS-HSD study in Zambia looks at how to promote the ‘rational use’ of antibiotics using one form of intervention that is increasingly being used to reduce child mortality in rural Africa: Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM). The Q&A covers why the ‘rational’ use of antibiotics is so important, as well as the link between ICCM and the rational use of antibiotics.
    In the first article, Kirstie outlined why antibiotic resistance is ‘a ticking time bomb for public health’.