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COMDIS-HSD embedded approach

COMDIS-HSD embedded approach

Download our ‘How To’ guide detailing our successful embedded approach to health research and scale-up

Download our generic CVD care package

Download our generic CVD care package

Download our generic CVD care package - a high impact, cost effective, user-friendly set of guides aimed at health ministries, NGOs and private healthcare providers in low-to-middle-income countries.

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About us

COMDIS-Health Service Delivery

We provide evidence to policy makers in low-to-middle income countries (LMIC) to help them improve their health service delivery process. By sharing our evidence-based research findings, we ensure changes to policy and practice in LMIC countries and beyond.

We work with partner NGOs in 7 countries: Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana, Uganda, and Swaziland.


Areas of research expertise

Through our 7 research themes we aim to improve demand for, access to, and quality of prevention and care for common diseases, especially in underserved populations (slums, marginal rural areas, migrants and fragile states).

We do this by developing, testing and refining packages of essential curative and preventive services, and by linking hospital and community-based interventions.

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