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COMDIS-HSD is a Research Programme Consortium funded by UK aid from the UK government. Working with partner NGOs in low and middle income countries, our aim is to improve the quality of prevention and care services for communicable diseases, as well as making these services easier for people to access, especially in underserved populations. We work closely with ministries of health and policymakers in our partner countries to design and carry out research that gives them the evidence they need to improve the way they deliver health services to their populations.

Our current partners include NGOs in: BangladeshNepal, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Swaziland.

Latest resources..

Policy brief: June 2018
Decentralising non-communicable disease care in the Kingdom of Eswatini: successes, challenges and recommendations from a pilot study in Lubombo region

Journal article: June 2018
Integrating intensified case findings of tuberculosis into HIV care: an evaluation from rural Swaziland

Research brief: June 2018
Assessing antenatal care service delivery and uptake of key interventions in Ghana

Policy brief: March 2018
Why should national TB programmes prioritise co-morbid mental health disorders in MDR-TB patients?