What health issues can Nepali journalists write about?

We asked 118 journalists to list health issues that they could write about in their respective media outlets. Journalists from print, radio and online media attended 1 of our 7 workshops.

  1. Food adulteration
  2. High alcohol intake amongst Dalits
  3. Noise and air pollution; the lack of statistics available on air pollution
  4. Miscommunication between health workers and relatives of patients
  5. Standards of performance and negligence of doctors
  6. Ineffective drug regulatory mechanisms
  7. Lack of access to government health facilities
  8. Lack of adequate and free urban health services
  9. Private health facilities and their ‘money-minded’ practices
  10. Poorly delivered public health messages
  11. Not enough female health workers
  12. Corruption in government-run health services
  13. Medical ethics

What challenges do Nepali journalists face when reporting on health issues?

  • At regional level, journalists have to cover all types of stories so cannot go into the required depth for each type of story.
  • Educational background of journalists matters; individuals can call themselves journalists when they have no qualifications.
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