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Research impact and uptake

Research impact and uptake is at the heart of COMDIS-HSD’s activities. Our embedded approach to research uptake has given us a reputation for achieving evidence-based policy change, as well as a reputation for achieving changes in practice through adoption, adaption and scale-up of our recommendations.

Using our impact pathway, we aim to influence national and international strategies where changes to health service delivery can have a positive impact on the lives of marginalised groups.

Consortium impact strategy

  1. Ensure the health of vulnerable men, women and children has improved as a result of our research.
  2. Ensure policymakers and practitioners have been influenced by our research findings at sub-national, national and international level.
  3. Ensure NGO partners and research teams are sustainable, resilient and able to implement programmes of research.

Consortium research aims

  1. Vulnerable men, women and children have an awareness of the health services available and can access and benefit from health services.
  2. Policy makers and practitioners are informed by our research findings, guides and tools and can implement interventions that are sensitive to the needs of vulnerable populations.
  3. NGO partners/research teams are effective and capable in conducting research, ensuring uptake and scale up of our research findings, guides and tools (technical independence), have strong governance procedures in place and can leverage external funding.

We also invest in building the capacity of our individuals, partner organisations and other collaborating institutions, by running specialist training workshops led by experts in their field.

All our resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.