Our team

COMDIS-HSD Leeds team, Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development, University of Leeds, UK

  • Anthonia James
    Consortium Manager
  • Prof James Newell
  • Prof John Walley
  • Dr Nilam Ashra-McGrath
    Research Uptake Manager
  • Debi Greaves
    Research Administrator
  • Dr Rebecca King
  • Dr Helen Elsey
  • Sandra McNerney
    Communications Assistant

Advancement through Research and Knowledge (ARK) Foundation, Bangladesh

  • Dr Rumana Huque
    Chair, ARK Foundation, Bangladesh
  • Dr Shammi Nasrin
    Research Associate, ARK Foundation, Bangladesh
  • Zunayed Al Azdi
    Research Associate, Research & Uptake Team

Association for Social Development (ASD), Pakistan

  • Dr Amir Khan
    Chair, ASD, Pakistan
  • Dr Maqsood Ahmad
    ASD, Pakistan

Global Health Research and Development (GHRD) , China

  • Prof Xiaolin Wei
    Head, Global Health Research and Development, China
  • Sunny Zou
    Research Consultant, Global Health Research and Development, China
  • Zhitong Zhang
    Programme Manager, Global Health Research and Development, China
  • Simin Deng
    Researcher & Finance Officer, Global Health Research and Development

Centre for Global Health Research (CGHR), Ghana

  • Dr Harry Tagbor & Gifty Antwi
    Executive Officer & Researcher, Centre for Global Health Research, Ghana

Health Research and Social Development Forum (HERD) Nepal

  • Dr Sushil Baral
    Executive Officer, HERD, Nepal
  • Sudeepa Khanal
    Researcher, HERD, Nepal
  • Sudeep Uprety
    Research Uptake and Communications Officer, HERD, Nepal
  • Uden Maharjan
    Researcher, HERD, Nepal

Malaria Consortium, UK, Uganda and Zambia

  • Christian Rassi
    Research Officer, Malaria Consortium, UK